Production Line

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line

Bio-organic Fertilizer Production Line, used for organic waste recycling process to make organic fertilizer. We have many years of organic fertilizer equipment experience.
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How to produce fertilizer? The organic fertilizer production is mainly the fermentation part and the production granulation part. Even if the raw materials for organic fertilizers are better fermented, granulation is also difficult, because the characteristics of organic raw materials are rough raw materials, lighter, and lower bonding rate. Different organic materials have different characteristics. Therefore, when selecting equipment, you should be taken carefully. Otherwise, it will not only affect the output, but also the appearance of the finished product will not reach the required perfection.

Main equipment that bio-organic fertilizer production line

1. Compost turning machine
2. Crusher Machine
3. Mixer
4. New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator
5. Drum Dryer
6. Cooler
7. Screening Machine
8. Automatic Packing Machine


Compost turning machine: The compost turner machine throws the material. When the temperature rises above 55℃, turning over the compost once a day can promote the evaporation of water in the compost, make oxygen enter the fermentation reactor, and accelerate the fermentation.

Crusher: Crushing compost and bulk materials to obtain powdered organic fertilizer after crushing.

Mixer: Different materials are thoroughly mixed in the mixer.

Granulator: The fermented manure, straw, mushroom residue and other organic fertilizers are made into granules.

Drum dryer: Removes the moisture of the organic fertilizer granules, making the organic fertilizer easy to store.

Drum cooler: Cool the dried particles to avoid the heat absorption of organic fertilizer.

Rotary screening machine: Screening organic fertilizer to obtain uniform particles.

Packing machine: Automatically quantitatively pack the organic fertilizer, and then put it into stock.

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