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Drum Dryer Machine

Rotary drum dryer is a kind of large-scale machinery used to dry shaped fertilizer granules. It is one of the key equipment in fertilizer industry.
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Rotary drum dryer is a kind of large-scale machinery used to dry shaped fertilizer granules. It is one of the key equipment in fertilizer industry.
The fan installed at the end of the dryer will continuously draw the heat from the hot blast stove at the head position to the tail of the dryer. With the continuous rotation of the machine body, the internal lifting plate constantly lifts and throws the molding particles, so that the materials can fully contact with the hot air to take away the moisture, so as to achieve the goal of uniform drying.

Structure of the rotary drum dryer
1. Bracket part: the bracket part includes the front bracket and the rear bracket, which is fixed on the corresponding foundation to support the cylinder for positioning and rotation. The front and rear brackets are composed of bracket, supporting wheel frame and supporting wheel. During installation, the height and angle of the equipment can be adjusted by adjusting the distance between the two supporting wheels on the front and rear brackets.
2. Transmission part: the transmission part provides the power required for the normal operation of the whole dryer. Its components include transmission frame, motor, V-belt transmission mechanism, reducer and gear transmission mechanism, etc. the reducer and gear are connected and transmitted by direct coupling or coupling according to the load.
3. Cylinder: the cylinder is the working part of the whole dryer. There are roller belt for support and gear ring for transmission on the outside, and the internal welding lifting plates are distributed in rows. When the dryer is working, the materials are continuously lifted and thrown to form heat exchange to achieve the purpose of drying.
4. Head, tail, air pipe, fire pipe: this part constitutes the hot air circulation and dust removal system required in the operation of the dryer. The sealing between the head, the tail and the body is good, so that the hot air can continuously carry away the moisture contained in the particles, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the particles evenly. When the operator needs to enter the inside of the cylinder for operation, please enter through the manhole under the condition of shutdown.
Drum Dryer
Model Shell Prod capacity Inlet temp ofhot air Outlet temp ofhot air Motor Decelevators model
Inner diam length inclination Rotation speed Model Power Rotation Speed
mm mm 0 r/min t/h °C °C    
ZG12120 1200 12000 2-5 4.7 2-2.5 150-250 60-80 Y160M-4 7.5 1460 ZQ350
ZG15120 1500 12000 2-5 5.0 4-6 150-250 60-80 Y160L-4 15 1440 ZQ400
ZG15150 1500 15000 2-5 5.0 5-7 150-250 60-80 Y160L-4 15 1440 ZQ500
ZG18150 1800 15000 2-5 3.9 7-10 150-250 60-80 Y200L1-6 18.5 970 ZQ500
ZG20200 2000 20000 2-5 3.9 8-14 150-250 60-80 Y200L2-6 22 970 ZQ650
ZG22220 2200 22000 2-5 3.2 12-16 150-250 60-80 Y250M-6 37 980 ZQ750
ZG24240 2200 24000 2-5 3.0 14-19 150-250 60-80 Y280S-6 45 970 ZQ850
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