Farm sheep manure organic fertilizer treatment process and production equipment


Sheep manure is a major problem to be solved in the process of farm breeding. If it is left unattended, it will pollute the environment and cause great impact. It is a common economic model to process sheep manure into organic fertilizer.
So how to produce fertilizer? What equipment is needed in the process of processing sheep manure into organic fertilizer? What is the process flow? Let's take a closer look.
Farm sheep manure organic fertilizer treatment process

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production process and equipment

Compost crushing

The materials are composted, and the fermented sheep dung is regularly turned over with a fermentation compost turner machine. The composted sheep manure, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, inorganic fertilizer and other additives were crushed, proportioned and mixed in proportion. According to our experience for many years, the suggestion of equipment matching is as follows: Using Vertical Pulverizer to crush sheep manure compost, the material is not easy to stick to the wall and is not easy to block.

Automatic batching and mixing equipment

The continuous batching scale adopts computer automatic control, dynamic display of formula conditions, can store multiple formulas, high precision of batching, and convenient production statistics and management. The use of automatic ingredients is the fundamental means to achieve strict formula ingredients, avoiding errors in manual ingredients. The material is mixed and stirred by a double-shaft mixer, and its blade structure is more suitable for materials with strong cohesiveness. The materials are not easy to adhere and have the function of conveying while stirring.


The mixture of crushed ingredients is made into sheep dung particles. Granulation process can choose organic fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, disc granulator and so on. The flat die pellet mill has the following advantages:
1. The raw materials have wide adaptability, especially suitable for organic materials. The raw materials do not need to be dried because of the wide requirements on the density and moisture content of raw materials;
2. The diameter of the roller is large, the template can be used on both sides, the materials are evenly distributed in the compression chamber, the granulation is stable, the particle forming rate is high, and the appearance of the finished product particles is uniform and not easy to be broken;
3. There is no water added in the whole granulation process to save the cost of subsequent drying;
4. The fineness of the raw material is not high, and the granulating raw materials (after composting) generally do not need to be finely pulverized. The fine stones can be crushed directly, and it is not easy to block the die hole of the platen.

Screening and return system

The sheep manure organic fertilizer output from the granulation forming system has different particle sizes and needs to be screened and classified. The selected drum screening machine has low vibration, low noise, convenient screen change, and is equipped with a screen surface cleaning device. It is recommended to be equipped with an automatic material return system to screen out unqualified large and small particles, convey them through a belt conveyor, and send them to the fertilizer granulator to continue granulation after re-pulverization, which helps to improve the continuous operation capacity of the production line.

Particle drying system

The function of this system is to further remove water from the screened sheep manure organic fertilizer particles to meet the standard requirements of moisture content of organic fertilizer. Generally, the roller dryer is used to dry the particles, which can improve the particle forming at the same time.

Particle cooling system

The dried materials are transported to the cooler by belt. The rotary cooler is also a rotary cylinder full of lifting type plates. Under the action of the plate, the granulated materials are lifted up to exchange heat with the cold air inhaled from the cylinder, and then cooled to near normal temperature, further improving the particle strength and reducing the moisture content.

Coating system

After the sheep manure organic fertilizer is cooled, it can be used as a bio-organic fertilizer, or a compound microbial fertilizer, or a special organic fertilizer. You can spray attachments into the fertilizer coating machine through a self-priming spray device to improve the appearance or internal quality of the product.

Finished product packaging system

The cooled sheep dung organic fertilizer pellets are transported into the finished product warehouse through a bucket elevator. Sheep dung granular materials are quantitatively weighed and packaged through automatic packing scales. The automatic packing scale adopts microcomputer control, which can realize multi-range measurement. It has the functions of high weighing accuracy, automatic bagging, sewing, automatic tare weight and detection. Its advantages are unmatched by manual packing.

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