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What equipment is needed to produce organic fertilizer


Organic fertilizer is a popular fertilizer product in the agricultural market. What equipment is needed for the organic fertilizer production process?

Poultry manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process

1. The recovered chicken manure, sheep manure and cattle manure are directly sent to the fermentation area.

2. Poultry manure is piled after primary fermentation and secondary aging to eliminate the odor of livestock manure. Fermentation bacteria can be added at this stage to decompose the crude fiber so that the particle size after pulverization meets the particle size requirements of granulation production.

3. Crush the fermented materials that have completed the secondary aging and stacking process and enter the mixing and stirring system. Before mixing and stirring, according to the formula, add N, P, K and some other trace elements into the mixing and stirring system and start mixing.

4. Transport the mixed materials into fertilizer granulation equipment, and use disc granulator to make granules.

5. After the wet particles are dried by the drum dryer to remove moisture, they enter the cooling system

6. After the material is lowered to room temperature, the screening starts, and the product particles that meet the requirements enter the coating machine, and the packaging starts after the coating film is wrapped. The granules that do not meet the requirements are crushed by the pulverizer and returned to the granulation system, and then continue to be granulated after being processed by the pulverizer.

7. Automatic weighing and packaging of finished products.
Poultry manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Therefore, the entire fertilizer production process is mainly to compost and ferment poultry manure, and then use the decomposed compost for granulation. First of all, the raw materials of organic fertilizer can be chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure, etc. The equipment for producing organic fertilizer is basically the same. Now the common equipment in the fertilizer industry are: compost fermentation equipment, batching equipment, mixing equipment, crushing equipment, granulating equipment, drying and cooling equipment, screening equipment, coating equipment, packaging equipment.

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