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Benefits of using sheep manure to produce organic fertilizer


As the main raw material of fertilizer manufacturing process, sheep manure is widely used in the agricultural fertilizer industry. Compared with other animal manure and raw materials, it has more advantages, and it is better to use it to produce organic fertilizer.

1. Sheep manure organic fertilizer can provide the total nutrition needed by crops and protect the roots and stems of crops
Sheep manure organic fertilizer contains a lot of nutrients, trace elements, sugar and fat needed by plants. Sheep manure organic fertilizer also contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium 6-8%, 24-27% of the organic matter of three components, providing a comprehensive nutritional crops. Organic matter can improve soil fertility. At the same time, it must be pointed out that sheep manure organic fertilizer can be decomposed into various humic acids in soil.
sheep manure produce organic fertilizer

2. Sheep manure organic fertilizer can reduce the loss of soil nutrients after application, combined with inorganic fertilizer can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer
At present, the actual utilization rate of chemical fertilizer is only 30% ~ 45%. Some of the lost fertilizers are decomposed and released into the atmosphere, some are lost due to soil erosion, and some are fixed in the soil and cannot be directly absorbed and used by plants. Application of organic fertilizer can improve soil structure, improve soil water holding capacity and fertilizer retention capacity, and reduce nutrient loss. In addition, the effective utilization rate of fertilizer can be increased to more than 50%.

3. Sheep manure organic fertilizer improves soil fertility
95% of the trace elements in the soil exist in an insoluble state and cannot be absorbed and utilized by plants. The microorganisms in sheep manure organic fertilizer produce large amounts of organic acids in the metabolic process. These substances, such as hot water with ice, can quickly dissolve trace elements such as calcium and magnesium, such as sulfur, copper, zinc, iron, boron, and molybdenum, into nutrients, which are directly absorbed and used by plants, greatly improving the soil's fertility supply capacity.

How to produce fertilizer? Adding sheep manure compost to the raw materials is a good choice.

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