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Fertilizer machinery manufacturer analyze the characteristics of various organic fertilizers


What are the precautions for using organic fertilizer? How to produce fertilizer? Organic fertilizer machine manufacturers help you analyze the characteristics of various organic fertilizers.

Manure: livestock and poultry manure shall be applied after fermentation and decomposing. At the same time, it shall be applied selectively according to soil quality and other conditions.

Stable manure: it must be decomposed. Stable manure contains difficult-to-decompose cellulose and lignin. The carbon and nitrogen are relatively large, and most of the nitrogen is in the organic state. If it is not decomposed, it will compete with crops for fertilizer due to the absorption of soil nutrients and water during the process of microbial decomposition.

Cake fertilizer: it should be used after being decomposed. It should be fully crushed and then applied in the ditch. It should be slightly away from the root system, so as to avoid heating and burning the root system during fermentation.

Green manure: attention should be paid to the variety characteristics, sowing time and rolling period of green manure. There is also a point that green manure should be properly applied to achieve the effect of small fertilizer and large fertilizer.

Commercial organic fertilizer: do not use low-quality organic fertilizer with municipal waste and sludge as raw materials, or heavy metal exceeding the standard and without high temperature or harmless treatment. The organic waste is processed systematically by the organic fertilizer production process, and becomes qualified high-quality fertilizer.
organic fertilizerorganic fertilizer

In the application of organic fertilizer, attention should be paid to the combination of inorganic fertilizer and biological fertilizer to meet the nutritional needs of crops. In serious soil problems and critical growth period of crops, biological stimulants can be used to strengthen root system, improve soil structure and enhance crop nutrition.

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