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What is the development trend of organic fertilizer production process


Organic fertilizer production process uses straw, livestock and poultry organic matter as raw materials, and harmless treatment of pollutants through equipment to produce organic fertilizer. This production project mainly uses chicken, duck, goose, pig excrement and crop straw as the main raw materials, uses the natural fermentation of microbial flora and organic matter, adds nitrogen release agent, organic matter activator and other pollution-free additives, and makes high-efficiency organic ecological fertilizer after scientific treatment.

Fertilizer manufacturing process is suitable for the local breeding and crop straw and other waste rich areas. Using straw and livestock manure as raw materials to transform into organic fertilizer, on-site production and on-site digestion can not only solve the straw outlet and fecal pollution, but also produce benefits. It is an efficient and environmental protection ecological development mode. Similar areas can also learn from the mode of straw fertilizer in organic fertilizer production line to find a way out for the comprehensive utilization of straw and breeding manure.
organic fertilizer production process

How to produce fertilizer
? In the process of fertilizer equipment sales, we found that many users' raw materials are relatively dry chicken manure or pig manure, and some users even mixed some other materials to reduce the production cost of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer without professional fermentation treatment of fertilizer production process is often unqualified and not suitable for crop production.

Huaqiang fertilizer equipment factory is an enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, production line installation, and technical services. It specializes in the supply of large, medium and small-scale livestock and poultry manure automatic organic fertilizer production lines. It has long been committed to the research, production and development of organic fertilizer equipment. We provide new and old customers with organic fertilizer production process design, equipment installation and commissioning, and complete pre-sales, sales and after-sales one-stop comprehensive services.

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