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Reasons and solutions for strong vibration of fertilizer half-wet material grinder


During the use of the fertilizer production process, many users have encountered strong vibration during the operation of the crusher, which affects the operation. The reasons and solutions for the strong vibration of the crusher are described below:

(1) There is a problem with the hammer installation. In the process of maintenance and assembly, when the hammers are changed face to face and used, only individual hammers are changed, which will cause strong vibration when the grinder is running. The solution is to change all the hammers in the grinder and turn around.

(2) The weight of the corresponding two groups of hammers is not balanced. When the weight difference is more than 5g, the operation of the organic fertilizer crusher will vibrate strongly. The solution is to adjust the hammer position to ensure that the weight difference between the two groups of hammers does not exceed 5g.

(3) The hammer is not flexible enough. If the hammer is stuck too tightly, the machine will vibrate strongly if it is not thrown off during the fertilizer manufacturing process. The solution is to turn the hammer by hand after stopping the machine to make the hammer rotate flexibly.

(4) The weight of other parts on the rotor is unbalanced. The solution is to check each part separately and adjust the balance.

(5) The spindle is bent. When the main shaft of the crusher is bent, the machine body will tilt and cause strong vibration during operation. When the solution is to correct the spindle or replace with a new one.

(6) The bearing clearance exceeds the limit or is damaged. The solution is to replace the new bearing.

(7) The foot fixing nut is loose. This will cause the semi wet material crusher to shake during operation, causing strong vibration. The solution is to tighten the nut.

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