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How much does it cost to build an organic fertilizer plant to process cow dung?


Generally, we need to consider the construction of organic fertilizer production projects: site leasing, plant construction, a full set of organic fertilizer equipment for cow dung, cow dung collection, workers' wages, water and electricity charges, etc. How to produce fertilizer? The manufacturers of organic fertilizer equipment collated the specific data for your reference
cow dung organic fertilizer production process

(1) The construction area of the organic fertilizer plant depends on the annual processing capacity. Small-scale cow manure organic fertilizer production process is generally between 5000 tons and 10000 tons. The total area of the plant is about 1600 square meters, and the site rental fee and plant construction fee need to be invested.

(2) It is suggested that the cattle manure organic fertilizer plant should be built in the suburb of the city and close to the raw materials. In this way, not only the rent is low, but also the cost of collecting and transporting raw materials will be greatly reduced.

(3) What's the price of a ton of organic fertilizer? Generally, cow dung is purchased from cattle farms or farmers for processing. The prices of pig dung, chicken dung, cow dung and other livestock dung change every year. We need to determine the price according to the annual market.

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