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What details need to be paid attention to in the production of organic fertilizer manufacturing process


There are many raw materials for organic fertilizer production, most of which are from various wastes and faeces. Then we should classify and treat them according to the different raw materials. So what details should be paid attention to in the fertilizer manufacturing process? Let's explain it to you.

1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to raise the temperature for about 40 and 50 minutes, and then pull the motor triangle by hand until it is free; Pull 8 to 10 times continuously according to normal working rotation direction. Then continue to warm up for about 10 minutes, then start the machine, but continue to warm up, because the normal production needs to continue to supplement heat; Adjust different temperatures according to different properties of plastic.

2. When feeding, add enough material, but add it evenly. The feeding speed and feeding speed of pan granulator should be matched properly. Otherwise, the quality and yield of particles will be affected.

3. When fertilizer manufacturing process is working normally, the machine temperature shall be stable, and it shall not be high or low. The temperature of the head shall be kept about 200 ℃ near the blowhole (refer to material C and material b).

4. When stopping, the host must cut off the power completely. The screw plug (part with wrench) of the machine head must be removed. Preheat separately before the next use.

In the process of operation, you must follow the steps, and timely maintenance and maintenance. Careful equipment can increase the service life.

The above is the details that need attention to when the production of the organic fertilizer production line is explained. You can understand well that the organic fertilizer granulation machine is the main equipment for the production of organic fertilizer. The detailed problems are handled properly, and it is also conducive to extend the service life of the organic fertilizer production line.

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