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The importance of organic fertilizer granulation machine in agriculture


Organic fertilizer granulator has many functions, and organic fertilizer production process equipment can bring benefits to many fields. Nowadays, the development of agriculture is also inseparable from the organic fertilizer granulator. The organic fertilizer granulation machine plays a very important role in agriculture. So, what is the importance of organic fertilizer granulator for agriculture?
organic fertilizer granulation machine

The special function of organic fertilizer granulator depends on the special function of microbial strains with special function. The special function of organic fertilizer granulation machine is mainly manifested in the following aspects: promoting plant growth, improving plant disease resistance, improving fertilizer utilization rate, improving plant drought resistance, repairing soil, degrading pesticides, etc.

The function of promoting plant growth is mainly through functional bacteria colonizing, living and playing a role in plant roots. This effect is reflected by the production of plant growth promoting substances by functional bacteria, which is different from the effect of adding hormones in granulation. In order to let farmers see the effect, some manufacturers add a certain amount of hormone into their products, which is unscientific. The refined products of organic fertilizer production process are guaranteed.

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