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Industry Info

Treatment of Bearing Overheating of organic fertilizer grinder


Bearing is an important part of organic fertilizer grinder, its performance directly affects the normal operation of the equipment and the efficiency of the fertilizer production process. During the operation of the equipment, the user should pay special attention to the temperature rise of the bearing and the noise of the bearing, and deal with the abnormal as soon as possible.
organic fertilizer grinder

(1) If the two bearing seats are uneven or the motor rotor is not concentric with the crusher rotor, the bearing will bear the impact of extra load, which will cause overheating of the bearing. In this case, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault, so as to avoid early damage of the bearing.

(2) Too much, too little or aging lubricating oil in the bearings of the organic fertilizer pulverizer is also the main cause of damage to the bearings due to overheating. Therefore, it is necessary to add lubricating oil in a timely and quantitative manner according to the requirements of the use manual. Generally, the lubrication accounts for 70%-80% of the bearing space. Too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. The bearing extends its service life.

(3) The fit between the bearing cap and the shaft is too tight, and the fit between the bearing and the shaft is too tight or too loose will cause the bearing to overheat. Once such a problem occurs, the grinder will make a frictional sound and obvious swing during the operation of the organic fertilizer production process. Stop the machine and remove the bearing. Trim the friction part and reassemble as required.

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