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Industry Info

Organic fertilizer production equipment manufacturers share maintenance knowledge


1. For machines and tools parked in the open air, the walking wheel and frame must be lifted from the ground first, and shall not contact with the soil. For those parts that are easy to deform, they should be leveled or erected to eliminate the factors causing deformation. If there is spring support, the spring should be relaxed.

2. Remove the dirt and sundries outside the machine in the fertilizer manufacturing process; clean and lubricate all bearings; coat the friction surfaces such as plow wall, disc target, rotary tiller blade, ditcher with paint, black oil, waste oil and other corrosion inhibitors.
organic fertilizer production process equipment

3. Parts that are easy to rust or damage, especially the more valuable parts, such as magneto, motor, cutter, seed tube, opener, conveyor belt, drive chain, etc., should be removed and stored indoors, and separated according to the type of machine to prevent deformation or damage caused by mutual extrusion.

The above three points are about the organic fertilizer production process equipment maintenance on some of the main aspects.

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