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Characteristics of bio-organic fertilizer production process and equipment


The organic fertilizer production process uses livestock and poultry manure, urban organic waste, straw, etc. as raw materials for biological fermentation to produce organic fertilizer. The whole production needs to use an organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine, which is suitable for continuous fermentation in organic fertilizer plants. Equipment characteristics: The machine has a tight structure, advanced technology, short fermentation period (7-10 days), low energy consumption, and stable product quality. The thickness of the fermentation material in the tank is 70-90cm. The continuous aerobic fermentation is carried out by natural ventilation and the oxygen provided by the contact between the material and the air when turning the pile. The fermentation turning process realizes automatic intelligent control.

How to produce fertilizer

Under the transportation of the longitudinal and transverse traveling mechanism, the high-speed rotary rake throws up and scatters the fermentation materials and produces certain displacement, which makes the materials move back in a regular and equal distance in the tank. The fermented materials are transported away from the end of the fermentation tank every day, and the space vacated at the front end of the fermentation tank (the treatment capacity of a day) is supplemented with new fermentation materials A continuous fermentation process. The fermentation process needs to go through one fermentation and two aging stacking.
organic fertilizer production process

Fertilizer production equipment features: high technology, high efficiency, low investment, low risk.
Scale of fertilizer production process project: (medium) annual output of 30000 tons of bio organic fertilizer, covering an area of 13000 square meters, plant area of 5000 square meters, equipment investment: 70000-100000 US dollars.
The standard of bio-organic fertilizer: powder or granular (Φ3—Φ4 mm), effective viable count (cfu) billion/g ≥ 0.20.
Bio-organic fertilizer production equipment: compost turning machine, grinder, mixer, dryer, cooling machine, granulator, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine.

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