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How to process pig manure in organic fertilizer production process


Pig manure organic fertilizer production process is based on pig manure as raw material, this series of equipment will ferment the material to produce organic fertilizer. There are two main steps in the organic fertilizer production process to process pig manure: one is the pre-fermentation and treatment part, and the other is the deep processing and granulation part.

Pig manure organic fertilizer production equipment needs fermentation turning machine, grinder, screening machine, mixing mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, drum dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment.

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to a type of fertilizer composed of specific functional microorganisms, livestock and poultry manure, crop stalks, etc., which are compounded by harmless treatment and decomposed organic materials. The pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process uses harmless living bacteria preparations to treat livestock manure, and biological fermentation is carried out under the action of a variety of beneficial microorganisms. After the organic matter is decomposed, nutrients are released, and the formed bioheat and high temperature fermentation process can kill Insect eggs, germs, resources and industrialization.
pig manure organic fertilizer production process

The problem of farm manure pollution has aroused social concern. More and more farms begin to solve it, trying to change the current passive situation. Practice has proved that the production of organic fertilizer from livestock manure is an effective way of harmless treatment and resource utilization for large-scale farms.

The use of automatic organic fertilizer production process, to keep the workplace clean. If any abnormality is found in the use of the equipment, it should be stopped immediately and used after troubleshooting. The machine can not be started because the cause is not found. The organic fertilizer produced by pig manure organic fertilizer equipment not only creates economic benefits, but also makes great contributions to environmental protection projects.

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