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Operation method of pulverizer for organic fertilizer manufacturing process


Crusher is very common in the field of industrial production, many people often have various problems when using organic fertilizer crusher. As a fertilizer machine manufacturer, we don't want to see workers fail when using organic fertilizer crushers.
When using the grinder machine for fertilizer manufacturing process, we should consider not to move the device at will during installation and operation. Next, let's introduce the matters needing attention during the use of organic fertilizer grinder.
organic fertilizer pulverizer

Check before start

1. Whether the inside and outside of the shredder equipment is clean.
2. Check whether the connection part of the grinder is loose. Whether the sliding parts are out of oil. Whether the wire is damaged, whether the connector and plug are off. The vibrating part should be flexible and free, without blockage.

Installation and startup

Fix the position of the organic fertilizer crusher according to the needs, and install the fertilizer production process. Turn on the power of mixer and start it without load. Check the fastening of all connecting bolts and anchor bolts before operation.


1. During the crushing process, someone should always be near the crusher, and the material should not be cut too fast to prevent blockage.
2. When feeding, do not put debris into the crusher.

With these key points, if everything is normal during the air trial operation, we can start feeding for fertilizer production. If there is any abnormal situation, it is best to contact the manufacturer in time to solve it.

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