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What should be paid attention to when using flat die organic fertilizer pelletizer


Flat die extrusion pellet mill is a kind of granulation equipment for processing organic fertilizer in our factory. After repeated research and improvement, flat die pelletizer has become a new fertilizer manufacturing machine.

Flat die extrusion pelletizer operation is relatively simple, there is no too high technical requirements for the operator, in a short period of time can fully grasp and control the operation of machinery and equipment. And the flat die pellet mill has a variety of models to choose from, which is one of the ideal equipment for fertilizer production process. But good equipment also needs to be maintained. What should we pay attention to when working on organic fertilizer equipment?

Matters needing attention when using flat die pellet mill

1. How to produce fertilizer? When putting in raw materials, it is necessary to check whether there are some hard objects such as stones in the raw materials, so as to avoid damaging the machine during operation.

2. After working more than ten shifts (8 hours as a shift), it is necessary to turn on the machine and equipment, add high temperature grease on the bearing, and extend the service life of the bearing.

3. When the organic fertilizer flat die pellet mill is in the granulation work, the pressure roller and the template can not be idle.

4. When the particles are broken or not compacted, the crude fiber material formula should be reduced to less than 50%.

5. In the process of fertilizer granulation, when there is a problem of non-granulation, it is necessary to remove the diaphragm, and after opening it hole by hole, add some fiber materials appropriately to restart the granulation.

6. Frequently check the belt tightness of the organic fertilizer extrusion pelleting machine. The oil seal of the gearbox should be replaced in time if there is oil leakage.

Flat die extrusion pelletizer has good mechanical properties, fertilizer production process also needs maintenance, so as to ensure its efficiency, and also can extend the service life of organic fertilizer equipment, can reduce the cost in many ways.

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