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Simple technology of making organic fertilizer from straw


In the long run, this practice damages the biodiversity, soil and human living environment, directly endangers agriculture and even the health of the whole human being, and affects the sustainable development of agriculture.
It is one of the goals of modern organic agriculture not to use chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and the organic fertilizer production process is gradually favored. At present, organic fertilizer is applied more in planting production, because organic fertilizer has no pollution to the environment.
Simple technology of making organic fertilizer from straw

How to produce fertilizer
? What are the steps to produce organic fertilizer from rice straw by complete set of organic fertilizer equipment? Here is the method of processing straw organic waste.

The mixed straw is piled in rectangular shape into strips with width of 2m, height of 1.5m and unlimited length, and covered with straw mat and other breathable materials. The fertilizer fermentation is aerobic fermentation, and it does not need to be completely sealed.

1. The crop straw (such as corn straw) should be crushed with a pulverizer or cut off with a hay cutter. Generally, the length should be 1-3cm (wheat straw, rice straw, leaves, weeds, peanut seedling, soybean straw, etc. can be fermented directly, but the fermentation effect is better after crushing).

2. When the crushed or cut straw is watered and infiltrated, the moisture content of straw is about 60%.

3. At the same time of watering, the fermentation liquid and straw were added in the ratio of 1:200-300.

4. Decay process:
Heating stage: it takes only one day to rise from normal temperature to 50 ℃.
High temperature stage: it generally takes 2 days to rise from 50 ℃ to 70 ℃.
Cooling stage: from high temperature to below 50 ℃, generally about 10 days, at this time straw fertilizer manufacturing process is basically completed, fertilizer can be directly applied.

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