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How to use chicken manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer


How to produce fertilizer? The biological organic fertilizer produced by using chicken manure belongs to the field of organic fertilizer. The product uses chicken manure, cellulose decomposing bacteria, semi cellulose decomposing bacteria, protein decomposing bacteria, organic phosphorus decomposing bacteria, ammoniating bacteria, photobacterium, yeast and Actinomycetes with water content less than 30% as raw materials to obtain bio organic fertilizer through secondary fermentation;
chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer production process

Fermentation is an important step in the organic fertilizer production process to process chicken manure. The traditional fermentation method has a long composting time, relatively low fertilizer efficiency, certain pollution, and inconvenient use. In addition, inadequately decomposed organic fertilizer is the main source of infection of crop soil-borne diseases, and the use of incompletely decomposed leaf residue fertilizer can also cause harmful consequences such as root burning and seedling burning. Therefore, it is necessary to use organic fertilizer composting equipment to treat chicken manure.
Whether it is from the perspective of thermodynamics, biology or material transformation, these reactions cannot be completed in a few days. This is why composting still has to go through even if various conditions such as temperature, humidity, moisture, and microorganisms are well controlled. Reasons for 45-60 days.

The application of bio organic fertilizer made from chicken manure can greatly increase the yield of grain, economy, vegetables, melons and fruits, improve the quality of agricultural products, improve the characteristics of crops, make the stems and stems of crops thick and strong, leaves dark green, flowering ahead of time, high fruit production rate, good commodity of fruits, and reduce environmental pollution, which is safe and non-toxic to human, livestock and environment.

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