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Three principles of selecting organic fertilizer and fertilizer production process


The organic fertilizer production process can realize the recovery of manure from farms and the reuse of crop straws to produce high-quality organic fertilizer sources. So, how to choose fertilizer manufacturing process and corresponding fertilizer products?

1. NPK fertilizer depends on nutrients, organic fertilizer depends on raw materials

There are many kinds of raw materials of organic fertilizer, and the quality is also uneven, and the effect varies greatly. The commonly used raw materials for fertilizer production process are: livestock manure, urban sludge, paper mill sludge, lignin and cake, etc. Although the organic matter content of lignin based organic fertilizer is high, it is difficult to decompose lignin in soil, so its effect as fertilizer can be imagined. However, due to the high content of heavy metals in sludge and paper mill sludge, if there are omissions in the treatment process, it will cause human pollution of crops and loss of income.
organic fertilizerorganic fertilizer

2. The effect of organic fertilizer is better after maturity

The root system of crops is an important organ to absorb nutrients. Roots can absorb gaseous, ionic and molecular nutrients. Ionic nutrient is the main form absorbed by plants. Fresh farmyard manure can not be absorbed and utilized by crops immediately after it is applied to the soil, and the unripe farmyard manure can seriously harm the normal growth of crops because it contains pathogens, insect eggs and weed seeds, and produces high temperature and organic acids in the process of maturity. Therefore, composting is a necessary process in the fertilizer manufacturing process, and organic fertilizer must be completely decomposed before it can be applied.

3. Choose organic fertilizer according to local conditions

When planting vegetable crops such as melons and tomatoes, commercial organic fertilizers cannot be used alone, and certain organic fertilizers cannot be measured or selected based on price alone. Fertilizer can be applied in the later stage according to the needs of crops to avoid the short-lived period of commercial organic fertilizers. It is also crucial to supplement beneficial microorganisms when replacing crops.

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