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Matters needing attention in the production process of soybean protein residue organic fertilizer


In the processing of soybean food factory, the leftover soybean protein scraps extracted from soybean protein have high nutrient content and more than 80% organic matter. These soybean protein residues can be processed into fertilizer by organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and the effect of fertilizer products is good.

The production technology of soybean residue fertilizer is not only beneficial to the survival and development of these food processing factories, but also beneficial to the improvement of our environment. Organic fertilizer equipment solves the problem of waste treatment after processing, and further realizes profit.

How to produce fertilizer? Fertilizer equipment can not avoid the process of debugging before use, so we should pay attention to two aspects when debugging the equipment. Here are two aspects that should be paid attention to when debugging soybean residue fertilizer production equipment
soybean residue organic fertilizer manufacturing process

1. Pay attention to the temperature adjustment: During the operation of the organic fertilizer equipment, the staff should pay attention to the changes in the compost temperature. Because the temperature will directly affect the decomposing effect of the material, if the material is not fully decomposed, there is no way to use it. Pay attention to adjusting the temperature of the equipment, including turning on the machine to help the equipment heat up for 40 to 50 minutes, and adjusting different temperatures according to different properties of materials.

2. Inspection of equipment parts: According to the system configuration of fertilizer manufacturing process equipment, check the tightness and tightness of the system parts, and then start the trial operation. If an abnormality occurs, attention should be paid to find out the cause and eliminate it. With the increasing number of farms,

We have high requirements for the product quality of the fertilizer production process, and debugging is a key to determining the production quality. Therefore, if we want high quality and long-term development, we must strictly pay attention to the above two aspects of debugging.

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