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Industry Info

Efficient fertilizer manufacturing process special granule packing machine


How to produce fertilizer? In the process of fertilizer processing, packaging is the last step of fertilizer manufacturing process. The efficient granule packaging can save a lot of labor and time, and improve the efficiency of the production line.

Structure composition of granule packing machine

This kind of granule packing machine is mainly composed of material import, feeding mechanism, weighing bucket, bag clamping mechanism, frame, air suction outlet, pneumatic system, sensor, control box, conveying and sewing mechanism, etc. It integrates feeding, weighing, bag clamping, packing and conveying, and sewing as a whole. It can be measured automatically by computer, and can be operated continuously and accurately. The particles formed by the pan granulator are finally packaged into bags. Perfect exhaust system and good sealing performance to prevent dust leakage.

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