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Industry Info

How does the fertilizer double roller extrusion granulator work?


Working principle of roller granulator

The material is continuously discharged through the hopper, and the material flows along the surface of the roller, but when it reaches a certain point, the granular material cannot move on the roller surface. This point is called the bite point. From the bite point, granular materials are compressed under the pressure between the rollers. When the cavity of the two rollers is close, the pressure increases. The granular material is pressed into the die cavity on the roller surface. With the roll rotation, the distance between the mold cavities increases gradually, and the compacted particles fall from the surface of the roller.
roller granulator

Wet granulation, such as a pan granulator, is agglomerated into balls. The roller granulator can be customized according to the purpose of granulation, the granulation material and the particle size of the formed particles. During operation, we should pay attention to the fact that the equipment should be idling for 2 minutes after starting, and after confirming that there is no abnormal noise and vibration, then feed the granular materials. The opposite is true for downtime. After stopping the feeding of granular materials, the machine runs idling for about 2 minutes, and the motor stops running after the granular materials in the machine are discharged.

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