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Advantages of using organic fertilizer production process to treat animal manure


Animal manure organic waste disposal is the use of organic fertilizer production process to scientifically kill or remove pathogenic microorganisms and parasitic eggs in the feces. At the same time, it can save the fertilizer efficiency of feces, and the treatment of garbage can meet the requirements of non hazardous health standards. Then, the compost was used as raw material, and the organic fertilizer granulation machine was used for further processing to obtain fertilizer commodity.
organic fertilizer production process

The most suitable method is to use organic fertilizer production process to treat livestock manure. According to the statistics of practical problems in livestock and poultry production, 1000 dairy farms can produce 50 tons of manure. There are 1000 pigs, 1000 pigs, 4 tons of dung, 10000 eggs, 2 tons of dung and so on. Such a large amount of waste can not be ignored and treated, causing serious pollution to the environment.

For example, due to the lack of timely treatment of livestock manure, it will cause serious pollution to surface water, groundwater, soil and air. What's more serious is that the family size is small. In order to facilitate transportation, cow dung is simply put on the roadside without scientific storage. Due to lack of management, it was windy and rainy, and feces were everywhere. This situation is not conducive to animal epidemic prevention, but also has a certain impact on people's living environment.

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