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Industry Info

Two types of common fertilizer production equipment processing


The purchase of organic fertilizer production equipment for organic fertilizer production can be divided into two types

Harmless treatment type:

How to produce fertilizer? Aerobic fermentation of organic matter, continuous high temperature can inactivate insect eggs, bacteria and grass seeds, through the decomposition of fermentation bacteria to produce new nutrients, plant absorption effect is remarkable. The organic matter after treatment has not been deeply processed, so the internal nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content is lower than the specified standard. Therefore, the nutrient content of sewage sludge is low, which is provided free of charge. The nutrient content of feces after fermentation is relatively high, but it is not qualified to be sold in the market, so it can only be provided to agricultural growers at a low price.
fertilizer production process equipment

Resource utilization type

Such enterprises have purchased a full set of organic fertilizer production process equipment to perform proportional blending and fermentation on farm manure, sewage sludge from urban sewage plants, kitchen waste, and food processing plant waste. After fermentation, the primary organic fertilizer is crushed and sieved. , Carry out nutrient testing, add nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to make it meet the fertilizer standards. Such fertilizers undergo deep processing to increase the added value of organic waste and create economic value for fertilizer companies.

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