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Organic fertilizer production process from plant ash and furfural residue of biological power plant


Organic fertilizer mainly comes from plants and animals. The waste from factory processing (such as plant ash and furfural residue of biological power plant), animal and plant waste and plant residue are eliminated by organic fertilizer processing equipment. The remaining organic fertilizer can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity, which is the main nutrient for green food production.

Here is a fertilizer manufacturing process that uses organic fertilizer equipment to treat plant ash and industrial furfural residue from bio-power plants.

Organic fertilizer production process

Collect furfural slag and plant ash from bio-power plant and air-dry to make the moisture content 15-20%;
Mix furfural slag and plant ash from bio-power plant at a weight ratio of 2.7~3:2.2~2.5, mix, stir, stack and compact, seal with plastic film or canvas cover, let stand for 24~36 hours, spread out and dry to remove water , Make the moisture content of 8-10%, pulverize into powder, make the particle size of 1-2mm, get the mixture;
The mixture is granulated with a disc granulator to obtain the finished granular organic fertilizer.
fertilizer manufacturing process

The granulation rate of pan granulator is more than 90%, including large, medium and small particles. The angle of granulator must be adjusted to a certain position. The angle of disc pan granulator is determined according to the size of particles. The larger the angle is, the smaller the angle is, and the larger the particles are. The better the drying effect is when the granulator is sent to the dryer through the main conveyor.

The fertilizer manufacturing process can turn waste materials into treasures. It is simple and easy to implement. The organic fertilizer produced by bio-power plant ash and furfural residue can adjust soil structure, improve soil physical and chemical properties, promote crop growth and increase yield.

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