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Fertilizer manufacturing process to produce special organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for vegetables


Characteristics of organic inorganic compound fertilizer for vegetable

1. Fertilizer manufacturing process uses biological fermentation, high temperature sterilization, harmlessness, organic material humification treatment of organic materials, inorganic nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers and trace elements to formulate various crop special fertilizers. The nutrients are comprehensive and reasonable, with both speed and slowness, and lasting fertilizer effect.
2. It can significantly improve crop yield, improve quality, prevent and control the obstacles such as soil acidification and secondary salinization caused by the large amount of fertilizer application, including a variety of trace elements.
3. Special fertilizer for chlorine avoidance crops such as fruit trees, melon and fruit vegetables is prepared with potassium sulfate.

Application method: as base fertilizer, the amount of Mu is 80-100kg, and the application is carried out and strip applied. When seeds are sown, try to avoid direct contact with seeds.

Characteristics of compound fertilizer products:

The organic fertilizer production process is based on the principle of balanced fertilization technology, the formula is determined according to the characteristics of crop fertilizer requirements and combined with soil testing diagnosis, which can improve the flavor of vegetables, effectively reduce the nitrate content in the leaves, and improve the internal quality.
organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for vegetables

Precautions for using compound fertilizer:

1. It is necessary to avoid direct contact between fertilizer and seed or crop root. When applying fertilizer, pay attention not to make fertilizer stick on the leaf surface.

2. It is forbidden to mix with fungicide and herbicide.

3. This product should be placed in a cool and dry place. If the bag is not used up after opening, please tie up the mouth of the bag to avoid moisture.

4. Please install the instructions for use and use it correctly according to the specific conditions. According to the climate, cultivation measures, and local soil fertility, appropriate adjustments should be made to prevent burning of seedlings and roots.

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