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Industry Info

How to extend the use time of organic fertilizer production process equipment?


1. In order to extend the effective use time as far as possible, bring better benefits to users, and solve more waste, the managers of fertilizer plant should first form the usual good habits and regularly maintain the fertilizer production process. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, find out the cause and eliminate it as soon as possible. In addition, some key components, such as rotating gears, must be retained for smooth operation.

2. Pay attention to check the bearings of the organic fertilizer equipment. In the organic fertilizer production process, because it bears the full load of the equipment, it directly affects the life and normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, the staff must regularly inject lubricating oil. In order to ensure that the lubricating oil is clean, the seal must be good. In addition, if abnormal noise or abnormal temperature rise is found, solve the problem immediately. Prepare spare bearings for timely replacement of bearing parts and maintenance.

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