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Basic requirements and application characteristics of organic fertilizer mill equipment


Organic fertilizer crusher, also known as semi wet material crusher. It has been widely used and can be seen in many places. There are certain requirements for the organic fertilizer crusher when it works. Only according to the requirements can the equipment be used correctly. So, what are the basic requirements of using organic fertilizer grinder?

Organic fertilizer crusher is a professional crusher for fertilizer manufacturing process, which is made by our scientific research personnel using advanced crushing technology at home and abroad and through years of production experience, repeated research, improvement and careful manufacture. The successful development of cattle manure crusher is of great significance to shorten the process of bio organic fertilizer and composting, reduce equipment investment and save operation cost.

Working principle of organic fertilizer pulverizer

How to produce fertilizer? It is composed of chicken, pig, cow dung, organic matter, municipal waste, sludge, etc. It does not contain any chemical components. However, the digestibility of chickens and pigs is poor and can only consume 25% of the nutrients. The other 75% of the nutrients in the feed are not included. The excrement of feces makes dry products contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, protein and other ingredients, which also makes a great contribution to human environmental protection projects.
The organic fertilizer crusher is also a chicken manure organic fertilizer crusher, and its crushing effect is remarkable. The crusher is a new type of high-efficiency single-rotor reversible crusher, which has strong adaptability to the water content of the material, and is especially suitable for fermentation compost or other materials with a water content of less than 30%. The granularity of the grinder can reach 25-50%, which can meet the feed granularity requirements of general fertilizer granulation equipment. The crushing particle size is 0.5-5, and the production capacity is 1-8t/h.
organic fertilizer mill equipment

Application and features:

In the crushing materials of organic fertilizer mill, the allowable moisture content of biological fermentation organic fertilizer raw materials can reach 25-50%. Our company's main products: organic fertilizer equipment, organic fertilizer production process, bio organic fertilizer equipment and a full set of compound fertilizer equipment, since the listing, well received by customers.

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