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Industry Info

Organic fertilizer drum dryer accelerates chicken manure drying


Fertilizer manufacturing process equipment drum dryer professional speed up chicken manure drying. Huaqiang organic fertilizer dryer can directly dry chicken manure with 30% - 50% water content to safe storage water at one time. The whole process is carried out in a closed system, so as to reduce the environmental pollution in the drying process.

During the drying process, the materials with high moisture content are evenly dispersed in the drum dryer and fully contacted with the hot air under the overturning of the plate copying device uniformly distributed in the drum dryer, which speeds up the heat and mass transfer of drying.
Organic fertilizer drum dryer accelerates chicken manure drying

Features of drum dryer

The organic fertilizer production process drum drying has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, and continuous operation;
The drum dryer has an excellent and simple structure, the material runs smoothly through the resistance of the cylinder, and the operation is convenient;
This kind of drying equipment has fewer failures, low maintenance costs and low power consumption;
The drum dryer has a wide application range and good uniformity of drying fertilizer particles.

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