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Advantages of chicken manure organic fertilizer pellets compared to other fertilizers


More and more attention has been paid to the use of organic fertilizer in agricultural production, and organic fertilizer is defined as the main fertilizer source for the production of green food. Carbon (c) ranks first among the 17 essential nutrients, and its content in plants is as high as 50%, which is more than five times of the sum of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. However, in the past, the research and technology development of nutrient balance always focused on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and medium and trace elements, and rarely involved in carbon management, especially organic carbon.
With the in-depth study of fertilizer, we gradually realize the importance of carbon nutrition, and develop the production methods of organic carbon fertilizer by chemical degradation, biological fermentation and other different technical ways. Through the fertilizer manufacturing process, we can process organic fertilizer products, and they have achieved obvious effect of increasing yield, improving quality and stress resistance in the experiment.
chicken manure organic fertilizer pelletschicken manure organic fertilizer pellets

1. Compared with chemical fertilizer

Due to the long-term application of chemical fertilizer, the lack of organic fertilizer and the imbalance of various nutrients, the farmland ecological environment, soil physical and chemical properties and soil microorganisms have been damaged. The use of organic fertilizer products treated by fertilizer production process can avoid the above disadvantages.

2. Compared with self-made fertilizer

What's the difference between commercial organic fertilizer and self composted organic fertilizer? How to produce fertilizer? Generally speaking, organic fertilizer that has not been harmlessly treated by a compost turning machine has many defects: on the one hand, it contains more salinity, which is easy to salinize the soil, irregular seedling emergence, and slow rooting; Many germs and eggs can easily cause pests and diseases; secondly, the content is unstable, which cannot guarantee sufficient nutrients, and it is easy to burn seedlings and roots.

3. Social and environmental significance

Increasing the ratio of organic fertilizer application can also avoid the following problems:-A large amount of agricultural waste accumulates, nutrient loss, and environmental pollution. The second is the serious lack of potassium in the soil and crops, which makes the soil fertility very serious. The third is the increase in the use of chemical fertilizers, showing that the share of agricultural waste in the pollutants reaches 35%-40%.

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