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Things to pay attention to in organic fertilizer production line equipment


Livestock manure and waste with a high contribution rate of organic matter are the main raw materials for organic fertilizer equipment. Today, organic fertilizer production line manufacturers will tell you about the things that need to be paid attention to when replacing livestock and poultry manure equipment in organic fertilizer production line.

1: Fermentation part. The main function of the fermentation part of the organic fertilizer production line is to initially reduce the moisture content in the organic fertilizer raw materials. As we all know, the raw materials of organic fertilizer are mainly animal manure such as chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure and sheep manure. Cow dung and sheep dung are good, chicken dung and pig dung have too high humidity, especially chicken dung, the initial humidity is generally above, so the humidity is too high, it is impossible to directly treat it, and it must be fermented in a fermentation tank. Generally speaking, after about a week of fermentation, the humidity of the above fresh chicken manure can be reduced to below. In addition, Zhengzhou Huaqiang Machinery, a manufacturer of organic fertilizer equipment, tells you a little trick. During the fermentation of chicken manure, raw materials such as bran and wheat bran can be added. On the one hand, the fermentation time can be shortened, and on the other hand, the cost can be reduced.

2: The crushed part. Fermented animal feces will agglomerate, and a large amount of material is not easy to dry directly. Therefore, it is recommended to grind it with a small grinder before proceeding to the next step. In organic fertilizer production machine, the crushing part is often indispensable

3: Dry part. Seeing this, some friends may want to ask, there is no fermentation link in the front, and how can I dry it? In fact, fermentation can only control the surrounding humidity. To truly granulate the organic fertilizer, the moisture must be below, so the drying process is also essential of.

4: Granulation part. The organic fertilizer granulator is the core link of the entire organic fertilizer production line. Generally speaking, we recommend using a combination of a pelletizer and a pelletizer to achieve the pelletizing function, rather than a traditional disc pelletizer. Its advantages are high granulation rate and good compactness

5: Cooling and packaging. For users with small output, the cooling and packaging links can be ignored. Users with low output can directly inflate and airbag manually. Only the entire organic fertilizer production line with large output needs an automatic packaging machine.

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