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The role of organic fertilizer production line makes you unexpected


China is one of the largest agricultural production countries in the world. The development of my country's agricultural industry has also led to the development of other industries. In rural areas or some breeding bases, there will be a lot of livestock manure accumulation. These feces may sound uncomfortable. But I do not know that these manures are a great treasure to the agricultural base.

Machinery is a machinery manufacturer specializing in the production of organic fertilizer production lines. Such as organic fertilizer turning machine, organic fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer grinder, organic fertilizer dryer and so on. These fertilizer production machine process large amounts of chicken manure, sheep manure, cow manure and other livestock manure into organic fertilizer. The term organic fertilizer is no longer unfamiliar to the current society. China+ now advocates the use of organic fertilizers, because this not only improves the rural environment, but also improves our country's agricultural and sideline industries. In the village, you will never see the smelly feces anymore and there are clean and tidy fields everywhere. The role of the organic fertilizer production line is unexpected. It not only promotes the development of the rural economy but also protects the environment. Therefore, the organic fertilizer production line equipment benefits my country's current agricultural and sideline industries.

Equipment configuration and function of organic fertilizer production line:

1. Organic fertilizer fermentation turning and throwing machine Function: Fermentation turning (turning and throwing) the materials in the fermentation process;

2. Organic fertilizer pulverizer Function: pulverize high-humidity materials and other raw materials in the production process;

3. Organic fertilizer mixer Function: Stir and mix a variety of raw materials;

4. Organic fertilizer granulator Function: granulate the mixed materials; it is convenient for sorting and packaging;

5. Organic fertilizer drying Function: drying granular materials with certain humidity;

6. Organic fertilizer cooler Function: Quickly cool the dried materials and increase production efficiency;

7. Organic fertilizer screening machine Function: screening and grading finished fertilizers;

8. Organic Fertilizer Coating Machine Function: Coating the outer surface of the granules to effectively prevent the agglomeration of fertilizers;

9. Automatic weighing and packaging machine.

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