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Prospect of bio organic fertilizer and fertilizer production process


Organic fertilizer production process is a set of equipment linked by machines, each of which has its own irreplaceable. For example, the pulverizer can crush materials, and it is impossible to replace the fertilizer granulator to granulate. The mixer can only be used for mixing, but it can't crush materials. Therefore, each radish has a pit, which can't be changed at will. The organic fertilizer screening machine is also an important part. The screening can distinguish the desired materials from the unqualified products. The qualified products can be transported in bags, and the unqualified products can be crushed and stirred to make granules again.

The development of bio-organic fertilizer and the application of fertilizer equipment can not only create conditions for the development of green agriculture and organic agriculture, but also realize the resource utilization of organic waste "turning waste into treasure", which has high economic, ecological and social benefit.
fertilizer manufacturing process
Organic fertilizer production equipment is a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of agriculture. In the future, bio-organic fertilizer and fertilizer manufacturing process will become a hot spot in the industrial production and agricultural consumption of chemical fertilizers, with broad development prospects.

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