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Method for treating palm residue waste in organic fertilizer production process


Using the organic fertilizer production process, palm residue can be turned into treasure and processed into biomass pellets.

1. A method of preparing bio granular fuel from palm residue: take palm residue for crushing treatment to get palm residue; add starch glue or glass glue into the palm residue and mix evenly to get mixed material; add mixed material into flat die pellet mill for extrusion, and get bio particle fuel after drying. Flat die pelleting machine can be directly pressed into a shape without adding any materials to be pressed into palm silk biomass pellet fuel.

2.The key to the method of using palm residue to prepare bio-particle fuel is: first screening palm residue, selecting palm residue waste that can no longer be used in production, and then pulverizing the palm residue waste to prepare crushed palm residue and crushed palm residue. The length is less than 5mm.

3. The mixing ratio of palm residue and starch glue or glass glue is 9:1-10:1.

4. The drying temperature of the bio-particle fuel is 100-200℃, and the drying time is 30-60 minutes.

5. A machine used for extruding the mixture into a flat die pelletizer.
palm residue waste organic fertilizer production process

The fertilizer manufacturing process is used to treat palm residue to prepare biological particles. Firstly, the palm residue produced in the production of palm fiber products is selected, and the palm residue waste that can not be used for production is selected. Then these palm residue wastes are added to the pulverizer for grinding, and the length of the crushed palm residue is 3mm. The starch glue is added to the palm residue 9:1 and mixed The mixture is obtained by even, and the mixed material is added to the flat die pellet mill for extrusion. The mixed material is added to the device and pulled out in strips, then cut to obtain granular materials. The granular materials are put into the dryer, and then the bio particle fuel is obtained after drying at 150 ℃.

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