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How to deal with the dust problem of fertilizer production equipment


With the development of science and technology, organic fertilizer equipment and other agricultural machinery industry has developed rapidly, and achieved very good results in technology and performance. A small amount of dust will also appear when the organic fertilizer production process makes fertilizer, which needs to be disposed of. Fertilizer plants must consider the dust problem in the manufacturing process, pursue zero pollution of organic fertilizer equipment, and establish their own unique banner in the market.

How to do dust removal in drying and cooling process well?

1. In the whole fertilizer production process, the drying and cooling process is the most prone to dust, because certain fine dust will be produced when the material is dried, we can extract these dust through cyclone or water curtain dust collector for precipitation and filtration.
2. In the production of fertilizer equipment, a small dust removal room can also be built next to the dryer, and the dust can be pumped into the dust removal room through the fan for static dust removal.
dust problem of fertilizer production equipment

How to remove dust in organic fertilizer production process?

How to produce fertilizer? In the construction of organic fertilizer equipment, most of the organic waste and perishable materials are used. Therefore, the raw material storage place and the storage place will produce odor when unloading. When smashing straw, if the straw is used for crushing, there is little dust. The odor and steam produced by the organic fertilizer during the fermentation process will be significantly reduced with the end of the first fermentation, and will basically disappear when the second fermentation is completed.

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