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The help of organic fertilizer production technology to crops


1. Using organic fertilizers to produce technological products to effectively improve the quality of cultivated land

Soil is the main natural resource. Due to the excessive destruction of natural resources, the ability to maintain soil nutrients has declined, leading to the degradation of many fertile cultivated lands that are quietly failing, all of its organic matter, and reducing the amount of soil and organic fertilizers. Reduction is directly related. Although compared with chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer production process can promote the sustainable development of agriculture with high yield, high quality and high efficiency through the combined application of inorganic fertilizer and biological fertilizer, improve the overall productivity of cultivated land and the overall efficiency of agriculture, which has far-reaching significance.

2. Prevent organic waste from polluting the environment

With the development of industry, agriculture and cities, a large amount of organic waste has been produced, and only a small amount has been used before. Most of them are discharged into nature, which not only pollutes the environment, but also wastes organic resources. Since the 21st century, people's living standards have been further improved and their awareness of environmental protection has been significantly enhanced. In the process of using organic wastes, many organic fertilizer plants have been established, which not only control the environment, but also turn the wastes into wealth, and realize the organic combination of agricultural production with industry, agriculture and urban construction. Improve the utilization rate of materials.
The help of organic fertilizer production technology to crops

3. Fertilizer production technology promotes the improvement of the quality of agricultural products

With the improvement of people's living standards, people put forward new requirements for food quality. The use of chemical fertilizers increases production significantly, but excessive use of chemical fertilizers reduces the quality of agricultural products. Organic fertilizer can increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil and increase the adsorption and fixation of cadmium and other metals. Fertilizer production process improves the soil's self-purification ability and reduces the soil with harmful substances that are harmful to the quality of agricultural products. Compared with chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers can reduce the content of nitrate and nitrite. Therefore, the application of organic fertilizer is conducive to improving the quality of agricultural products.

4. Reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers

In order to prevent agricultural non-point source pollution and protect the agricultural ecological environment, chemical fertilizers have high nutrient concentration in the soil and strong mobility, and chemical fertilizers are widely used. With the infiltration of groundwater and soil erosion, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers pollute the ecological environment. How to produce fertilizer and develop the existing value of manure can realize "comprehensive utilization, turning waste into treasure". Using organic fertilizer production technology to obtain organic food, form a good ecological cycle system, protect the ecological environment, save resources, promote the development of circular economy, and contribute to the protection of our country's ecological environment. Protect the agricultural ecological environment.

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