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Fertilizer production process processing high quality commercial fertilizer to ensure long-term effect


Fertilizer manufacturers should use professional fertilizer production process to process high-quality commercial fertilizer, so as to ensure the soil balance, long-term effectiveness of fertilizer, suitable for crop growth. In order to meet the "fast effect" of the farm, many illegal fertilizer manufacturers added excessive hormones in the process of fertilization, reducing the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients. The hormone fertilizer can be effective 1-2 days after application, and the surface effect is very obvious. For example, leaves and stems grow rapidly, fruits expand rapidly and result in a lot of results.

So we think it is a very obvious fertilizer, that is, "good fertilizer". However, after 2-3 consecutive uses, it was found that the leaves at the bottom of the plant were yellow, the stem stem was weak and the fruit grew badly. The normal growth period and the severely shortened picking period of vegetables are the result of hormone abuse.
high quality commercial fertilizer to ensure long-term effect

Therefore, it is still necessary to buy high-quality fertilizers that have been fermented and decomposed, and then mixed and granulated according to the fertilizer manufacturing process. Organic fertilizer has high organic matter content, comprehensive nutrition, soft fertility, and lasting and stable fertilizer effect. It can improve soil physical and chemical properties, increase detoxification effects, purify the land environment, reduce energy consumption, and reduce environmental pollution. It can promote the reproduction of microorganisms, improve the effectiveness of phosphorus and other elements, and is conducive to the material cycle of the ecosystem.

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