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Equipment for the production process of cow manure organic fertilizer


The operation steps of the production process of cow manure organic fertilizer are very simple. The prepared mixture is added to the mixer for uniform mixing. It is turned and thrown by the cow manure fermentation compost turner machine every 2 days. After fermentation for a period of time, it can be crushed by the cow manure crusher, granulated by the cow manure fertilizer granulator, dried and dehydrated by the cow manure dryer, and then screened by the screening machine, and the cow manure organic fertilizer is ready It can be packed and stored.

We all know that the level of food production depends largely on the quality of soil. Only soil rich in organic matter can improve the quality of agricultural production, and it is also a powerful measure to alleviate environmental pollution and ensure food security. The standard of good field soil is high content of organic matter, more aggregate structure and less harmful elements in soil, which can provide suitable soil environment for crops.

In order to increase the content of organic matter in soil, we need to use organic fertilizers. Huaqiang cattle manure organic fertilizer equipment is famous for producing organic fertilizers. The cattle dung fertilizer production process equipment will ferment, crush and pelletize livestock and poultry manure or crop stalks and make them into popular organic fertilizers on the market. These fertilizers are harmlessly treated, so you can rest assured when using them. In addition, it contains a large amount of organic matter that can be supplemented to the soil, which can effectively solve the problem of soil compaction.
cow manure organic fertilizer production process

Huaqiang organic fertilizer equipment can freely match and combine different equipment according to different organic fertilizers to form a special organic fertilizer production process for customers and help to produce and process fertilizers. In this way, the advantage of customized organic fertilizer equipment is that it is more in line with the actual production situation of users, and the connection of each link is more compact.

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