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Industry Info

Bio organic fertilizer production equipment favored by fertilizer plants


Bio organic fertilizer can not only improve the soil, improve the soil hardening caused by the use of chemical fertilizer, but also enhance the ability of maintaining fertilizer, water and supplying fertilizer. Huaqiang bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process as a new technology fertilizer production equipment, has been recognized by organic fertilizer manufacturers.

Bio organic fertilizer equipment ferments and decomposes the organic waste, and then processes it into fertilizer products containing various nutrients. Organic fertilizer contains humic acid. Humic acid is a kind of high molecular material with good complexation and adsorption properties, which has good complexation and adsorption for heavy metal ions, and can effectively reduce the interaction of heavy metal ions. The poisoning of this substance prevents it from entering the plant, thus protecting the root and stem of the plant.

What are the advantages of bio organic fertilizer? How to produce fertilizer? Huaqiang bio organic fertilizer production equipment, the introduction of the world's advanced technology, the scientific use of sheep manure and crops for fermentation, the extraction of nutrients required by their plants, according to the production law of wheat, corn, sunflower, melon and fruit, fertilizer characteristics, and additional appropriate plant nutrients, can produce Bio organic fertilizer meeting the standard.

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