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Is the organic fertilizer production process suitable for new fertilizer processing


New fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer whose nutritional function is enhanced under the action of physics, chemistry or biology. This definition includes three aspects: firstly, fertilizer can directly or indirectly provide plant mineral nutrients; secondly, in addition to nutritional functions, it also emphasizes new functions, including slow-release and controlled-release, biological promotion, organic efficiency, growth regulation, nutrient efficiency, etc.; finally, fertilizer processing equipment is adopted or traditional fertilizer production technology is innovated.

On the one hand, the new fertilizer emphasizes the processing and modification of existing fertilizers. The organic fertilizer production process improves and enhances its nutritional function. The prepared new fertilizer varieties have improved nutritional functions and comprehensive performance than conventional fertilizers.

On the other hand, the meaning of new fertilizer is beyond the scope of conventional fertilizer. Through the development of new resources, the use of new theories, new methods, new technologies and new ways to develop new types, new varieties and new fertilizer production process, its connotation is also dynamic development, it is the driving force for the innovation and development of fertilizer industry. Specifically, the new type of fertilizer is manifested in three aspects: function, raw materials and technology.
organic fertilizer production process

How to produce fertilizer? New fertilizer is a general term for fertilizers with new functions, new raw materials and new technical characteristics. There are many specific appellations, such as slow release fertilizer, promoting release fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, water retaining fertilizer, disease prevention fertilizer, ecological fertilizer and so on.

These different new fertilizers have a common feature: high efficiency, that is, high fertilizer utilization rate, energy saving and capital saving, which meet the needs of sustainable development, so they have strong market competitiveness. This kind of slow-release fertilizer has the advantages of technology and economy. It is "environment-friendly fertilizer" and emphasizes its advantages of environmental protection.

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